The Kickstarter

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For the past year we have been putting all of our money, time, and effort into designing and developing a completely new product. To make this come to life we decided to use Kickstarter as a “Preorder Program” of sorts so we can get it to production. We need this to succeed to make it happen so we need your help! The New Original is unlike anything that we or anybody else have created before. It has a breathable, squared-off open collar so you aren’t under the restraints of the hood on your neck. We wondered why there isn’t there a secure place for your phone to go when its cold outside. So we wanted to make a pocket that made sense comfort wise but also safety wise for your phone. Basically we took the idea of a simple hoodie and made innovations to almost simplify it. The New Simple.

Then we went on to make it the best way we possibly can, in the USA. We started off wanting to make a hoodie except with an up to date design that just makes sense for modern life. What came out out it was The New Original.

Welcome to The New Original.

Check out the Kickstarter for it here: