Sale! Carpe Diem Tee
Carpe Diem Tee

This is an interesting shirt. It was the second one we ever did, we knew nothing about design yet and “Rise & Go” had not been thought of yet. In fact, I tried to get the “Carpe Diem” line switched … Continued

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Sale! Fighter Blue
Fighter Blue

This was a special project we did very early on for the brand. Huge aspirations when we did this and it did not go to plan but even at this discount, we will still try to do good with sales … Continued

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Sale! The Elevant Arrow
The Elevant Arrow

We produced this shirt as part of a project to get on a huge retailer’s website, we almost did- then they went bankrupt because they were not paying out their suppliers so we had a lot of these shirts but … Continued

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