Rise & Go vs. Rise & Grind

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Rise and go. This is not “rise and grind”, this is so much more than that. When people say rise and grind, what do they really mean? I always imagine someone waking up, doing something they have to or staying up late, working on a college paper. They are pushing towards the next level at whatever they are doing and that’s good but what are they pushing towards? People that personify “Rise & Go” are doing so much more than simply pushing forward. That’s only the first part of rising and going. Rise and go is not blindly going forward in life because society is pushing you. It’s doing something that society should try to just keep up with.

Being on the grind is not pushing towards a goal. Elevant, on the other hand, is all about pushing towards a goal. It’s about a “why not?” mentality. It’s so cliché but believing you can do something is the biggest step. I have researched different people, that a majority would agree, have reached goals that most people only “dream” about. Once you start to look into this particular group (I didn’t limit this search to just people that have similar dreams to me) you can see that most of them are very different from each other in most ways except one. They all believe they could. They decided to rise and go. Once you reach a goal, people often think it was simple for you but in reality everyone struggles with what they are trying to achieve. The achievers can keep going. There are so many clichés for motivation that it’s hard to avoid them when writing something like this but some of those almost have to cycle through your head at one point or another to keep you going. There have been quite a few times when I honestly thought about how likely it really is to have a successful clothing company and nearly stopped because my chances aren’t so unlikely. But then think about it… the only way to truly fail is to give up.

To Be Continued…