Rise and Go

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90bc012646f1e112b959f6513d014ca7Elevant Apparel focuses on inspiration, quality, believing in yourself, and so much more. Those who have taken some type of English course has heard of the statement “Carpe Diem”, which is Latin for “Seize the Day.” We use this due to the importance of following what your dreams and accomplishing them.

The world today has a main focus on accomplishment and being successful. The world doesn’t care about whether you’re happy or not, as long as you’re accomplishing success. Seize the day and taking on what you believe is important in your life. Whether it is going to undergrad/grad school, nothing school related, helping others, or even traveling the world. A quote from a random blogger states, “You’re life is a message to world, make sure it’s inspiring.” Take this quote as however you wish to interpret.

This quote to Elevant means seeking the inspiration. Elevant in Latin means, “To Rise” and our logo symbolizes “Rise and Go”. When you wear Elevant we want you to represent the idea. It’s following your dreams no matter how big they are.

No matter what it is, Rise and Go.



Carpe Diem,

Elevant Apparel