Pt. 2 of this blog isn’t so much about the difference between this and “Rise and Grind” but it’s more about explaining what we truly mean when we say “Rise & Go”. I was talking with my brother about this recently and I felt the need to make myself clear on what I really mean. I started this as a hobby but the plan has always been to make it grow. I am just the type of person that if I put work and time into something I was it to grow and develop. Rise and go hasn’t always been part of the brand, when I started the logo was just a design. It just so happened to have a perfect explanation behind its randomness that I wasn’t aware of when I made it. Since then though, I try to let it have a huge effect on my life. I have experienced a taste of spending time on a project you love to do and the state of mind that goes along with it is something you can’t describe but if you’ve experienced it you understand what I’m talking about. Whenever I talk to people (ask many of my friends) I try to let them in on the secret of what “Rising and Going” is all about. It’s about finding something you love and actually chasing it. I’ve been known to be a slightly crazy dreamer sometimes but I realized that dreamers aren’t really going to cause a problem for society’s status quo, they can brush you off like you’re crazy. You become a problem when you turn dreams into goals. Once you believe in what you’re doing then you become a challenger to common sense. We are the people that rise and go. The core meaning of our motto comes from believing you can. Until you believe in what you are doing, you will never rise and go. The people that never convinced themselves to chase their dreams are the people that become the doubters and haters. They don’t get it… They don’t understand what Elevant really means. Another thing that we mean when we say “Rise & Go” it to rise right now and go, but that wouldn’t make a very catchy motto so we shortened it. Rising immediately and going now does not mean to go for something blindly, understand what you are getting into but be careful about digging too deep. People get confused when I say, “If I knew what I was getting into I wouldn’t actually do it, but I don’t plan on stopping”. They think I don’t like what I’m doing but that’s not it at all. What I mean when I say that is that if I really understood the odds and starting thinking about the mountain in front of me I’d still be standing on the flat ground. Being slightly stubborn about reality is the reason why I started climbing. Sitting on a bench, staring at a huge mountain is overwhelming but putting your head down and starting to climb is the only way to get to the top. Rise and go immediately or you will probably think of every reason not to start and wait another day. The only way to pursue something is to start yesterday.