PROGRESS: The Birdhouse

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We are getting very close to finishing this project so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy part two of the three part series about The Birdhouse. To show progress I believe photos describe it best so this second blog is to show a better visual of the house.


The photo above portrays the exterior in mid-painting and is a perfect example to show the progress where so many changes start to happen but none of them are quite finished yet. From this angle of this house there used to be a chimney but it was a formula for a leaky roof. We decided to tear it down which was one of the first major changes that were made to the house. The most important change that turned the house around visually was the new roof that was installed. We were going back and forth on painting the exterior because the red brick was in great condition but we wanted The Birdhouse to also tie together more with the interior colors and designs. Most cars driving past the house prior to the exterior renovations were skeptical but with this large progress on the outside made people stop and stare.

If you read the first blog you will better understand the purpose of this door. In summary, this project is called The Birdhouse due to this doors hole being similar to a birdhouse. This photo of the front door is a good metaphor for the whole house. It was hiding some beauty but there was a lot of hard work (and sand paper) needed to find it. After sneezing a few hundred times due to the dust, the red paint was coming off to show the hidden wood grain to add a perfect touch to the exterior of The Birdhouse.


The Living Room (above and below) was one of the first areas that we tackled. For starters, it is a good size and it flows into the dining room nicely. We added the first floor master suite and also the bathroom entrance took over the current closet space in the master bedroom. We moved the closet to the other side of the room and opened up the wall that the bedroom shares with the living room. Originally we were worried that it would make the living room feel less natural but in the end it still had a good flow to the space.

The fireplace was in great shape as well but we decided it could use some updating to go with the other work we wanted to do with the house. Finally, we decided to build around it and give the whole wall a unique look that we are excited to share in the third and final blog.



They say you spend the most time in the kitchen and yes, we did. If you recall what the kitchen looked like in the first post, it was easily the scariest part of the house. There were two metal cabinets that were rusted out that made it feel bland and small. We did not have many options to expand the kitchen drastically so we had to make due with the space.

One of the best surprises we found in the house was the second ventilation chimney that went through the kitchen. It was plastered over but once we got it all off it became a really cool structural “show-piece” and added to the natural design of the house.

The photo above shows the drastic progress that was made to the kitchen. As I was saying previously, we needed to make this space feel as big as it could. To accomplish that we did a paneled ceiling running the length of the room to not let it feel too closed in. We opened up the entryway to the back porch and also the steps leading down to the basement.

A fun fact of The Birdhouse: Look towards the ceiling and check out those lights. If you’re wondering where we got those lights that are perfectly shading but not too much, you can find them at IKEA. BUT don’t look in the lighting section because those are colanders with holes cut in the bottom. Seriously.



Lastly, the basement was a project in itself and is still being tackled. We decided the basement would be one of the last projects to undertake so as a surprise I’ll save the progress pictures for the final post in this series. The fireplace is the only thing to stay in this basement. We had to fix the water problem in the basement by installing interior and exterior french drains. Demolition day consisted of pulling down warped wooden paneling that took over the basement along with removing floor tiles from a former bathroom floor. New walls were inserted to make a laundry room and a new bathroom. The basement might win “Most Improved” on this project and there are a lot of areas of this house competing for that title.

Keep checking it to see part three of The Birdhouse blogs. We hope you’ll love the finalized project and hopefully it makes you feel inspired. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram for more updates. We are doing more real-time updates on Instagram and we are working on putting together a full album on our Facebook page with some before, during, and after shots all together in one place.