Meet Blake Mycoskie

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For some, once you become a senior in high school it is normal to take the SAT’s and begin applying to colleges. Once you graduate from high school your parents throw you a typical graduation party involving the colors of your new future home aka college. There is not much of a choice for those to take a year off and really decide what you want to do with the rest of your life. It is just all part of the process of growing up, to get a degree and pursue a normal career that makes money. Trying not to be stereotypical but let’s be honest…

Blake Mycoskie followed this process of going to college once he graduated from high school. Although after a couple years, he had greater plans in store for others in the world. He broke the stereotypical process and followed his heart. His mind focused on being an entrepreneur and philanthropist. In Blake’s entrepreneur life he had five companies that he wanted to pursue. He never gave up and continued to pursue finding that final company that would help change lives. Little did he know it would grow into becoming one of the biggest global movements during his trip to Argentina.

Meet Blake Mycoskie, the chief shoe giver of TOMS Shoes.

“I believe each of us has a mission in life, and that one cannot truly be living their most fulfilled life until they recognize this mission and dedicate their life to pursuing it.”