Don’t Limit Your Dreams

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I decided to start blogging on this platform a few weeks ago but I haven’t had time to actually sit down and write. I finally got time so I wanted to make the first one a good one. I decided it should be about someone that inspires me- now not every single one of these blogs are going to be about someone important or something that has inspired me but I can promise some good things and also some completely randomness that will add to your day.

Okay, so this first thought I wanted to elaborate on is Walt Disney. Before you close this link, I promise this isn’t just a “Wow! He’s amazing and here’s your generic motivation for the day!” I wanted to bring up a point about him that you don’t hear about much. You hear about the amazing vision he had but think about what he had to go through to get there. The part I want to focus on it how he didn’t limit himself. No matter how creative you are and how big your idea is it’s hard not to put a cap on your dreams. Even if a lot of people call you crazy you still might have limits but he didn’t. Honestly, how far could you take an idea of a cartoon about a mouse. We can have a vision but usually we let certain goals become a cap on our whole vision, like “once we get to X, they we made it”. That’s when your run will be over but I think Disney is the contrary example to that. He didn’t have a “final” goal to reach and that’s why over 40 years after he died, the vision is still running strong. He looked at what was the next step. Some people might confuse that with greed but just getting more stuff is not the same thing. This is continuing to grow- simply never stopping with what you love.

I look at this whole idea from the perspective of sitting in the room with him in 1928, how far would I have thought this idea could be taken? Maybe he could have turned it into a full time job and earn a living with it, would that have even been too crazy at the beginning of the Great Depression? By not limiting himself and telling himself he had accomplished enough, he and the Disney family turned essentially three circles into one of the biggest companies in the world and turned himself into an international icon on many levels.