INTRO: The Birdhouse

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Welcome to The Birdhouse… 

It took awhile to decide how I wanted to share this big project that I have been working on for the past couple months. I finally decided to do a three part series on the Elevant Creative blog. I want to push this Elevant Creative brand from a design stand-point starting with t-shirts all the way to redesigning existing homes. This blog is going to be the intro to the house (The Birdhouse) and also a preview of the project including planning/ideas that we wanted to do going forward. Next week I’m going to do an update on how The Birdhouse has developed so keep checking back on all social media (@ElevantCreative).

This project began at the end of April. I also wanted these photo’s below to be an accurate depiction of the beginning stages of the house meaning crooked, dark, and showing all its inner flaws. Now that we are getting closer to the end of this project I decided we could accelerate the process and do it in a three part series.

Now lets dig into this project of fixing and updating #TheBirdhouse. Let me start with where this house got its name, “The Birdhouse”. We were looking at it early on and opening the front door I realized that someone had taken the peep hole out of the front door and left a big hole. Without the storm door, this house would have made a huge birdhouse. It is hard to show the condition this house was in even with pictures. For starters, this house has been unoccupied for 7+ years (and it smelled like it). When entering in the front door, it was a surprisingly modern floor plan with large open spaces and a first floor bedroom. It started with three bedrooms and two and a half baths, but we decided to rework the first floor to better utilize the space. The upstairs bedrooms were very large so we kept the floor plan of the second floor intact. The main floor’s plan changes took place in the half bath/bedroom closet/ linen closet area in the middle of the house. The half bath was very underutilized and took up too much space so we took the bedroom’s closet to the other side of the room (we took space out of the living room while trying to keep the size fairly intact) and turned the area into a master bath and a smaller “powder room”.


It needed all the basic updating such as a roof, and completely new “guts” (plumbing, HVAC, electrical, etc.) and general modernization (new paint and lights). We really pushed to go past the generic “flipping” on this project. In the early stages I struggled with what to tell people about what we were doing with The Birdhouse because I didn’t want to say we were doing what Fixer Upper does (even though Chip and Joanna are major inspiration). We were doing so much more than the “new kitchen, new paint flip”. The plan was to open up the fairly small kitchen and give this house some modernization, for instance, wood paneling and all of the bathrooms needed to be torn out and reworked (even some #ExposedBrick came about because the basement fireplace chimney goes right through the kitchen) all while keeping the old charm of this house.


In conclusion to this first blog post on The Birdhouse, the plan I have for these blog posts is to show the three stages of this project, share what we were planning and how it ended up turning out in the end. There is not a lot of pictures on this post because there was not many fascinating aspects to show about this house from the beginning. I promise the next one will have a lot more in terms of pictures and where this house is going from a design perspective. For now, I leave you with a depressing picture of what the basement looked like at the beginning.