Are You Happy?

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Ask yourself, “Are you happy or are you just comfortable?”

As a student in college I have been struggling with this question for months now. Am I really happy sitting in the library studying or writing pointless amounts of papers? I can’t give you all the correct answer. “An education is important for a future” my father always told me. I understand going to college is the comfortable thing to do so I can have a career waiting in the future. What I personally consider happy is going out there in the world and experiencing the real help that needs to be done in the world instead of sitting in a classroom learning about it. I am more of an experience learner rather than a book learner (if that makes sense). I am not saying education isn’t important because I have learned a lot while in school. I am saying how important it is to do what makes your happy, not your parents or whoever tells you what the safe thing to do is. Someone close to me once told me “Most people in your classes would be so uncomfortable handling some of the situations you have witnessed, therefore it’s not always about the grades you get but the real life experience that makes you stronger.” If I had the opportunity to just go out and do what I love, I would. As of right now though I am continuing to get my degree so I can feel comfortable and in the future consider my happiness.

I am sitting in the library writing this blog because I see people almost ripping their hair out doing engineering homework. I want to ask them are you really happy or just comfortable?

-Lauren Molinaro