New Hats and Getting Back Into It

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When the Kickstarter for the New Original finished and had not met its goal, I was done. So much work put in, I did not want it the same way after that. I was ready to move on- or was I? I had started getting into more work for other people but as that started, every good idea made me think, “Why can’t I use this for Elevant?” It was not in a selfish way, it was just that I still wanted to succeed on these terms. Not only that but getting a delivery of products you designed, it is a unique feeling that I truly missed. I am still not sure what my future goals are for the clothing brand after the Kickstarter failed but we will have to see. Until I figure that out, I plan on making products I simply like. It is not about branding anymore (I rewrote the About page and the Elevant Creative page if you want to see more) I just want to make your favorite t-shirt (or hat) until there is nothing left of it, that is the kind of product I want to make. With these hats, Elevant is only written on the label on the inside- these are not made for branding, they are simply for the statement the design or motto make. These areĀ about more than this brand- they are about the general idea of “Rise & Go” whether that is through a design or words.