Elevant at the Pond Hockey Championships!

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Elevant does not do a lot of advertising but one place you can always seem to find our logos in the US Pond Hockey Championships at Lake Nokomis, MN. We don’t actually advertise there but there are the Elevant Bears playing during the weekend. It all started because I (Robbie Sulava) did not know how to design anything with graphics or even what program to use to do that. I started by basically designing the only thing I knew how- hockey jerseys. I never really was an artistic kid but I when I could get my hands on a Pittsburgh Penguins coloring book, I was making sure to do the jerseys perfectly.
When my brother moved to Minnesota, he got onto a team that was in the USPHC and they wanted jerseys designed. He said I could use Elevant logos on it so the Elevant Bears were born. The current set is going on a few years so maybe next year we’ll have a new set- stay tuned!