Elevant Giveaway!

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We have decided to do an end of the year giveaway!

We need to clear room for our big project and to do that we need to get rid of our current inventory.

There are two options to go about that

  1. Saturate everything with sales and clearances.
  2. OR we can give away gear to people that follow us on any of our social media platforms.

We decided to go with the latter option to help get our name in front of more people for this upcoming project that we’ll be revealing soon so stay tuned!

How it will work is you retweet or re(insert platform here) the message we send out every Friday through the end of the year. Winners will be picked at random and this isn’t limited to one winner every week.


Lastly, if you win you have two options- simple win where you give us your address and we send you whatever gear we tweeted about or you can go with the super pack option where you pay $10 for shipping and we send you whatever we can fit in a box! If you have any questions, ask us on Twitter or Instagram (@ElevantApparel). Have fun and good luck!