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IMG_0163Well, I am at a point where it is time to make a decision. I tried a few different ways and none of them were successful enough to get The New Original to production. I couldn’t make it happen without losing what it was made to be. I absolutely despise the idea of quitting, so I’m not going to. Elevant is going to make a move to capitalize on what has been learned through the successes and many failures.

Our motto is “Rise and Go”, so that’s what we are going to do. I love creating; working on all different stages of the process are exciting, overcoming challenges are what keep me going, its why I never wanted a normal job. It is time to overcome the challenge of being in that spot where I’m actually supposed to quit. This is not an underdog story where I am not supposed to win, then I do- it is reality where the buzzer hit zero and I did lose. Except that loss just gives the bigger story more character. Life is so much more than a one game story.

I am at that spot where I failed pretty bad and should just move on.  The world wasn’t quite ready for the New Original, I didn’t educate everyone enough on what I was trying to make. I get that. But I will not stop. Yes, the world won’t get to enjoy the New Original for a couple more years but you learn how to be flexible in business, everyone can tell you to make a plan but if you expect everything to go according to plan you are not ready.

Instead of quitting and going in a different direction,I am going to capitalize on the experiences thus far and put it to good use, welcome to Elevant Creative. Our main business will be collaborating with people and businesses on ideas and challenges of branding, marketing, and design but we are willing to look at whatever issue your business may be having and make something work. This is not simply a design or advertising firm. I am not a fan of boxing this into one simple idea because at Elevant we want to take on the challenges that seem to have no real solution. Whether it is as simple as a new logo,bringing your brand to 2015, or as complex as helping you build a brand from an idea to having all facets of your brand fit together from your logo to your work space, we want to help you make that happen.

We have been doing this kind of work for a while now but it’s time to bring it to the forefront of Elevant, if you need creative solutions, email me at rob(@)elevantapparel.com and we can get to work.

It’s not about just thinking outside the box anymore, its about cutting the box up and break dancing on it.

Rise and go,

Robbie Sulava

There’s going to be a bridge time where it is going to be confusing between apparel and creative but we’re going to try to make it correct as soon as we can.