The Coffee Shop

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The original Starbucks was created for conversation, laughter, a caffeine-fix, and serenity. Think of all the friendships and discussions that have happened over coffee. The stories are endless.

Who would you want to experience that with? Some people would say a coffee date with a celebrity. Others would want to just meet up with their best friend to discuss the latest news. You can learn so much about someone random in a coffee shop or even at your local cafe. Every single person in the world has their own stories filled with many different emotions. You could learn so much from someone just by asking them “Hey, want to meet up at Starbucks?”

Elevant’s story is to inspire those in the world that seek to rise and go. We are interested in learning about stories from the craziest people to the most inspirational. Our clothing brand represents the idea of taking risks and doing what you love.

We told you our story, so what’s your story?