Why let us help you develop your brand identity?

Elevant started out as a t-shirt brand without anybody knowing design, branding or how to run an apparel company. From there we obviously had our ups and downs and learned a lot of lessons. In building the brand, we discovered a motto that encapsulated the brand as a whole; #RiseAndGo became our battle cry and the motto we built the brand around. Our brand is centered on the concept of what it means to #RiseAndGo.

What is next for Elevant?

We have decided that the next leg of our brand makes sense to take our insight and knowledge beyond this brand to help other companies and people materialize their ideas. We can work with you on branding, whether it be a completely new brand or a rebranding for your existing company, we focus on helping entrepreneurs take their ideas from concept to reality. Once your idea has a vision and a pathway to its potential then we can work with you on advertising and market the idea to the audience that can benefit from it.

We focus on result-driven styles of marketing. We focus our efforts on styles of marketing where the audience is defined and measurable. You can throw a lot of money at all kinds of marketing to get ‘impressions’ but we strive to get you the results you need with a measured course of action. We want to help you turn your idea into reality.


Step one is our own brand to symbolize your #RiseAndGo adventure, whatever it may be. From there we want to bring our motto to your idea.

To Rise: Take your idea from zero to one

To Go: Take your idea from 1 to…


If you have the idea and do not know where to go next, shoot Rob an email, let’s see if we can help. Even if you have a brand or company that is not performing how you would like, maybe we can help.