Elevant Creative started out as Elevant Apparel in July 2012 and has gone through a few transformations since then. Mainly we took the knowledge and insight learned in the apparel business and took it into a marketing and branding business. We haven’t forgotten our roots, we still make gear but we don’t hold ourselves to the traditional rules of a t-shirt business of seasons and what we need to make. We make what we want and release it.

Our focus has shifted towards helping and advising other businesses in developing their brand and strategizing how to market it within their identity. If you have a business and are interested in getting a different perspective on how to market it, we’d love to help! Right now we are building our digital advertising client base. There are many opportunities to build businesses through digital advertising (click here to learn about what we’re doing) and social media, let’s talk and find out if we would be a fit to help you get your business where it needs to go.

Contact to learn more and see if we would be a good partner to work towards a more efficient and effective business.


Rob Sulava