How Has Apple Already Forgotten?

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MACWORLD CONFERENCE OPENS IN SAN FRANCISCOI am an “Apple Guy”. People go straight to a certain type when they hear that, I hope I’m not that guy. I just respect the brand and like the overall product. Designing has always been interesting but Steve Jobs stuck out because his style was so defined and unique. Personally I loved it but now I feel like Apple has strayed away from it. He inspired me with the simplicity and functionality of his designs but since he died Apple seems like they had a meeting and decided to stop innovating, wait for the competition, then play catch up. The Apple that inspired me wouldn’t have cared how big Samsung’s phones were getting. They knew they designed a phone that was as big as it can be while conveniently fitting in one hand. It didn’t need to be bigger, if you wanted bigger there was the iPad. A lot of people think the lack of options whether it is size, color, or something else was either ignorant or bad business and showed they had a big ego. Apple has an ego but I think the idea of finding the necessities and focusing on them so much that you actually may have come as close to perfect as the product can, that is what made them a brand great. They will sell millions of new iPhones in all kinds of colors and sizes, maybe the world will not really notice that a great brand lost its way. They inspired me and maybe I’m not innovating the next iPod but they showed a style that hadn’t been really seen before. The fire of innovative design was growing for a while but it has been neglected by a major contributor. Maybe there are enough of us that want to keep it alive that our even our twigs will mean something so to the other designers, keep pushing what is normal.