Striving to Create the New Original

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I’ve been asked a lot lately about what Elevant is up to or if there are any new shirts coming. Here’s the update! The goal for Elevant has been from the beginning to grow from being a company that just puts designs on garments to manufacturing our own goods. The design mentality that I have always been pursuing with Elevant has been high quality without gimmicks. From the beginning we have not had a lot of say in the quality or cut. We have been working towards being in complete control of the product Elevant is putting out from overall quality control to the materials we use and down to the details we add. In June we started working on by far our biggest project yet. I cannot reveal a lot about this project for now because there is still a lot of work that needs to go into it but we are currently on schedule to having something to show for it this Fall. We will try to keep you guys as up to date as we can with this project.

The first part of this that I can reveal right now is the purpose behind this project. In this business everyone asks you how you’re different from the next company. Sure, anyone can have unique designs and a unique motto but going that extra mile makes such a noticeable difference. I’ve been working on bringing this particular idea to life for a little over a year so far and the basis that started it was trying to have a new perspective on ideas and objects that the world has been looking at the same for too long. When you get used to something, the creativity dies and it can no longer improve. I have wanted to kickstart the evolution of some everyday products that make sense but have more potential. An example could be how did we come from wearing a doublet to wearing modern day baseball jackets, bomber jackets, and motorcycle jackets? (Don’t worry, I didn’t know what a doublet was off the top of my head) There have been people over the past three centuries that have helped us move forward and advance what we wear but right now it does not feel like there is many companies looking to push the envelope while keeping consumers in mind. Don’t worry, I’m not trying to go to high fashion or anything but there has to be a way to be innovative while still being familiar. Looking at simple clothing and questioning why it exists is where I start. Granted, just because something has been around for a while does not mean it needs changed, sometimes it is the contrary and just has great staying power like jeans. Finding the line between changing to innovate and changing for the sake of having something different to market is the art of it all.

There will be people that will not get why we spent so many resources on this project but that is what happens when you strive to create the New Original.