Elevant Apparel started out as simply something to do for the summer between high school and college with an online logo maker and no experience. From there through what seems like more downs than ups it has developed into what it is today, which is not to say it is reached the goals I have for it yet but it has developed and matured over time into what is now Elevant Creative. It started as a t-shirt company that’s focus was to create branded apparel to motivate people to pursue their dreams, it was all about “Rise and Go” and the arrow logo. That is still the driving force behind the brand but now the focus is on creating simple, well-made products to be with you on your journey of rising and going. We’re not trying to be a billboard that you wear, we want to simply be your favorite shirt or that hat you just throw on. Our vision is to make the products that are versatile and ready for whatever you are- it is that shirt that you can always trust, your go-to. That’s what drives us, making products that simply make sense and can keep up with you. We didn’t just want to tell you to Rise and Go anymore, as a brand, we wanted to provide the best tools we can to let you Rise and Go. It’s not what we say any more, it’s what we do.

Rise and Go,